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Shrug Heat Bag

The Cosy Lab



The cosy lab shrug heat bag combines style with comfort. 

Filled with NZ grown organic lupin seed, and using stunning natural linen fibers, the shrug can be safely heated and then applied to the neck and shoulders. Contains no wheat.

Discover the joy of being wrapped with a slow gentle warmth.
The beauty of the shrug heat bag is that it is designed to sit on your shoulders without moving around. This allows you to actively work at your desk or even chop vegetables in the kitchen, while still receiving all the benefits of a heat bag.

We use lupin seed instead of wheat grains because they are odourless when heated, lighter and retain heat for longer.

Each shrug has linen on one side and very soft 100% cotton drill on the opposite side. Each bag weighs approximately 1.3 kg.

SKU: 10000-6

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